Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company is the fruit of many years of work and diverse givings. It showcases a remarkable success story that can truly represent a case study, based on personal experience, which evidences the stages of growth and prosperity in the economic development process Saudi Arabia has undergone. The Company was established in 1395 A.H., corresponding to 1975 A.D., as a small company under the name of Al-Ghad Commercial Corporation. Within a few years, it was capable to leave a footprint in serving the public and private sectors.                 Al-Ghad Commercial Corporation evolved afterwards into Al-Ghad International Company in 1402 A.H. and had the opportunity to enter into various economic fields including import, export, contracting, general construction and the establishment of commercial complexes. The contracting and construction activities have shaped an important phase in the company’s growth. Its participation in the establishment of State School buildings and its opening and operation of private schools have generated a catalyst and motive for the establishment of private schools in Al-Qassim Region at the beginnings of its fundamental development. The founder of the Holding Company pursued to realize his dream ...
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