The Chairman’s Statement



Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company is the fruit of many years of work and diverse givings. It showcases a remarkable success story that can truly represent a case study, based on personal experience, which evidences the stages of growth and prosperity in the economic development process Saudi Arabia has undergone. The Company was established in 1395 A.H., corresponding to 1975 A.D., as a small company under the name of Al-Ghad Commercial Corporation. Within a few years, it was capable to leave a footprint in serving the public and private sectors.









Al-Ghad Commercial Corporation evolved afterwards into Al-Ghad International Company in 1402 A.H. and had the opportunity to enter into various economic fields including import, export, contracting, general construction and the establishment of commercial complexes. The contracting and construction activities have shaped an important phase in the company’s growth. Its participation in the establishment of State School buildings and its opening and operation of private schools have generated a catalyst and motive for the establishment of private schools in Al-Qassim Region at the beginnings of its fundamental development. The founder of the Holding Company pursued to realize his dream of a better and promising tomorrow. He gave the name of ‘Al Ghad’ (meaning ‘tomorrow’ in Arabic) to Al-Ghad Model Schools in the city of Buraidah in 1408 A.H. This was the first private education experience in Al-Qassim Region where it represented a cornerstone, more than 20 years ago, for a promising start to invest in development projects. He also established The International Academy of Health Sciences to become the largest institution for health education in the Middle East and the Arab world. The first branch of the Academy started its activities in 1425 A.H in Buraidah under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, Prince of Al-Qassim Region.












In a short period of time, the Academy has been able to achieve significant growth based upon an extension policy throughout different regions in the Kingdom. The Academy acquired a share exceeding 72% of the private health education in Saudi Arabia, which goes hand in hand with prior studies carried to depict the needs of regions and their population density.











Upon the transformation of Al-Ghad Corporation to Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company, 60% of its investment activities have been allocated to education and training fields. Afterwards, several colleges and institutes were established, topping the list of educational institutes were, Al-Ghad Model Schools and Manarat Al-Qassim Schools which paved the way towards new horizons and objectives for investment expansion in education, health, real estate, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities which came underway in parallel to the Kingdom’s comprehensive economic development across various stages. This stage evidenced the opening of training institutes for administrative sciences and computer sciences, in addition to The Specialized Female Training Institutes for Science and Technology whose branches spread throughout the Kingdom. After committing to its mission throughout the years, Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company has become one of the most influential companies in the national investment by adopting a policy that links investment to development and its belief in the ability of the private sector to play more effective roles.











The company’s diversified subsidiaries include, Al-Ghad Company for Education & Training’, Medical Care Company’ , Dari International for Investment & Real Estate Development Limited’, Qudurat Co. for Commercial Development and Investment’, Al-Ghad International Colleges for Applied Medical Sciences’, Al-Ghad International Colleges of Pharmacy and Dentistry’, Al-Zwaied Investment Group’, International Academy of Health Sciences for Males and Females’, ‘Al-Ghad Model Schools for Males and Females’, Manarat Al-Qassim Schools for Males and Females’, ‘Manarat Onaizah Schools for Males and Females’, ‘Al-Ghad Higher Academy for Training’, ‘Al-Ghad Center for Education and Training’, ‘Manarat International Schools for Excellent Education all over the Kingdom’, ‘The Specialized Female Training Institute for Science and Technology’, Al-Ghad Markets in Buraidah’, ‘Gulf Center for International Exhibitions’, ‘Al-Ghad Institution for Military Uniforms’, ‘Gulf Center for Constructions’, ‘Gulf Center for Development, Investment and Real Estate Development’, ‘Media Missions Agency’, ‘Ibrahim AlZwaied and Parents Charity Fund’, Partner in ‘Lareen Catering Services’, Partner in ‘Control Circuit Co. Ltd.’, Partner in ‘Altaleem Anaw’e Holding Co.’ while continuing its main focus on educational and training activities.