Commercial companies

Dari International Co. Ltd. For Investment & Real Estate Development

The Company provides a wide range of services in connection with real estate and buildings starting from the construction process of real estate, residential units, commercial complexes, hotels, and other construction projects. The Company also provides a high standard of management and operation of commercial malls, hotels restaurants and commercial markets through employing a qualified team of managers who have a track record of extensive management experience. In addition, the Company provides other real estate services, such as real estate consultancy, real estate appraisal and feasibility studies for property leasing.

Gulf Constructions Center

The Center undertakes public construction and contracting projects. It also plays an important role in street lighting and cleaning works; in addition to maintenance of buildings and facilities, operation of equipment and machinery.

Al-Zwaied Office for Investment & Real Estate Development

The Office provides real estate construction services starting from the planning phase through the engineering drawings and up to the final hand-over of highly efficient deliverables.

Gulf Center for Exhibitions

It is one of the largest fully equipped centers for organizing a wide range of exhibitions, conferences, sport events and social events starting from the initial phase of brainstorming thoughts and ideas until the actual implementation phase. All the Center’s activities are driven by enthusiasm and creative ideas. The Center also provides specialized expertise and strategic effective experiences.

Weqaya Security & Protection Corporation

It is a Corporation dedicated to providing security services to public and private companies. It also provides highly trained security personnel, as well as provides the latest technology in surveillance and security.

Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company owns a set of subsidiaries which represent its investment arms. Through these subsidiaries, the Company contributes to the overall development process in the Kingdom. Below is a brief description of these companies:

Al-Ghad Limited Company for Education and Training

The company is specialized in investment in various stages of private education such as primary, intermediate, secondary, university and higher education; in addition to its interests in educational equipment and teaching aids. The Company is to be deemed a corporate role model, in terms of administration and finance, for other educational subsidiaries to the Holding Company.

Dari International Limited Company for Investment & Real Estate Development

The company represents another quantum leap forward to the boom the Kingdom manifests in construction and real estate investments. The Company also forms an extension to the ongoing efforts of AlZwaied Group’s vision in the construction field, which is supported by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

The Company is seeking to galvanize its efforts and proceed with the execution of its projects. It aims to exploit the vast areas of land it owns to enrich the Kingdom’s real estate and construction market.

Medical Care Company (Closed Shareholding)

Medical Care Company was established in 1428 A.H. in acknowledgment of the vital role of public health in creating an ever-growing society. The Company is specialized in establishing medical facilities equipped with the latest technologies and selecting the best specialized, well-trained medical competencies. The Company provides high quality medical services in alignment with the state-of-art technologies in the medical field. It also constantly strives to achieve constant development and improvement in the medical field. These institutions are managed in a way to ensure that the medical system’s message is achieved to realize a healthy society.

Qudurat Co. for Commercial Investment and Development

The company is one of the largest companies in the region to deliver management and operations management services. Qudurat Company was established in 1438 A.H. as a subsidiary of AlZwaied Group. Under its umbrella, the company manages various institutions including public and private sectors such as schools, universities, government colleges, hospitals and medical centers. The company takes pride in a large team of highly qualified management experts in all areas of commercial, financial and operational management.

Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied Group

It is a Group of corporations consisting of a wide range of investments in various fields, such as general education, technical and vocational education. Other investments in the medical field include the management and operation of hospitals, and delivering medical supplies. It also has commercial investments such as wholesale trade in furniture, upholstery and clothing; as well as foodstuffs, equipment, medical supplies, hospital and laboratory supplies; in addition to electrical appliances, building materials, hygiene and maintenance supplies, cosmetics and perfumes.

Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied Group aims to expand investment in other fields such as construction, real estate, health, vocational training, advertisement and promotion through subsidiary companies to the Group. It seeks to further contribute in advancing development through effective investment.