Corporate Social Responsibility

Ibrahim Musa AlZwaied & Sons Holding Company, together with its various investment arms, engage in charitable causes and community services. This is based on the Group’s vision to support the community and contribute in pushing it steps forwards in accordance with our religious dictates. The following are examples of the significant activities performed by the Corporate Social Responsibility Sections in the Group’s subsidiaries:

  1. The National Program for the care of Martyrs’ families and their children.
  2. The National Competition Program to combat terrorism and develop patriotism.
  3. Al-Ghad International Colleges for Health Sciences to honor the pioneers of the Saudi medical innovations.
  4. Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz initiative for Saudizing the female nursing sector.
  5. Free Scholarship Program in collaboration with the Human Resources Fund.
  6. Free Scholarship Program in collaboration with Princess Al Anoud Foundation
  7. Free Scholarship Program in collaboration with the Social Charity Fund.
  8. Sponsorship Project of the Gifted and Talented.
  9. Education Scholarship Project.
  10. Program for Addressing Treatment Needs and Medical Supplies.
  11. Free courses in English.
  12. The Aid and Assistance Program for the floods’ victims in Jeddah’s disaster.
  13. Swine Flu Awareness Raising Program.
  14. Participation and Sponsorship Program for Sports and Cultural Competitions.
  15. Supporting Program for Polio Vaccination Campaigns.
  16. Hospital visits and patient care Program.
  17. Food, Health and in-kind Assistance Program for Refugee Camps in the South during the War.
  18. Participation in the Second Forum on Resettlement and Employment.
  19. Participation in the Second Saudi Conference on Employment and Training opportunities.
  20. Participation in the Second International Conference on e-Learning and Distance Education.
  21. Sponsoring Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Campaign for Patients Healthcare Charity Association.
  22. Celebration of the 100th anniversary of establishing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1419 A.H.).
  23. Celebration of the 20th anniversary of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz’s accession to the throne Cu (1422 A.H.).